Posted by: techinsights | July 21, 2008


By starting this weblog i was hoping to provide a place, where all the valuable blog posts on other people’s weblogs are available here, WITH their permission, and to accomplish such, i signed up to a service that goes by the name 

This service allows people with weblogs have their blog posts republished on other people’s blogs, thus the publisher gets content to start up their own blog, and the one who is having his/her own blog posts republished is getting direct back links to their website.

So basically it is a win-win situation, but unfortunately one thing made me quite uncomfortable about this service, when i started this weblog about a couple hours ago, one of the blog owners that i had published his/her blog post right here has wrote a comment asking about why did i do such a thing, and who am i?

which made me quite uncomfortable to the idea of and the fact that it seems to be making a conflict between web authors. Thus i’ve decided not to use the service any more, and instead of this weblog being aimed at different fields of technology i have decided to limit it’s scoop to what i only know the best, which is software development.

The 9 posts that once existed here have been deleted. Including the post that it’s web master has enquired about.

My deepest apology for any inconvenience and whom ever is reading my blog right now, if any one is thinking about using the service though i must admit it’s a very interesting service but please reconsider and make sure that you take the approval of the weblog owner you will be posting their content on your own blog.

Thank you, for reading.

Posted by: techinsights | July 21, 2008

Welcome to Tech InSights

Hi and welcome to Tech InSights Weblog. First of all i would like to introduce myself to every one reading now, my name is Hady. Am a Student at the German University in Cairo (GUC) Faculty of Business Informatics 3rd Semester. And have been doing computer programming for the last 4 and half years. Developing computer softwares, web applications and many other stuff.

The reason i’ve decided to create this blog is simply for any one who wishes to have the latest news and technology insights from the many computer experets that are avaliable on the internet.

Here i will be sharing many valuable blog posts from all around the internet (ofcourse with the permesion of the blog owner that i be posting his/her blog content on my own blog) what that means is that you will have the latest news and tech insights from every where online, and from computer experets, articles, news and blog posts for you to read. And all that in one place.

And also since i my self am a computer programmer, and experinced in my own field which is software development, so expect that i will be sharing my own insights about software development and computer programming.

So i hope that you will enjoy a good read here at my weblog, and if you have any questions regarding anything please feel free to subscribe to this weblog, and start posting comments and interacting with me 🙂

Stay tune for more to come 😉